Employability Skills Seminars

Practical Career Skills training is highly valued and an integral part of a well-rounded graduate. Whilst higher education has been traditionally focused predominately on the development of essential technical skills and knowledge, the overwhelming industry view is that graduates often have a skill gap in the employability skill areas, including understanding the expectations of a professional workplace and business-grade communication skills. 

Students who complement their technical study with practical training are better positioned to achieve that first graduate opportunity and succeed in a professional workplace.

As The Graduate Employability Experts, Performance Careers delivers a range of seminars and workshops that ensure graduates are better prepared for the job market and professional business environment. The interactive content has been developed by drawing on our expertise in recruitment, professional services and training, and our direct connection with 3,500 companies.

All of our Employability seminars and workshops can be delivered as either a stand-alone event or as part of a series, can be presented in small or large scale formats, and are entirely customised to meet students’ specific needs and support their technical training.

In a competitive graduate job market, give your students an advantage through a Performance Careers Practical Career Skills Program. For further information or to request our seminars and workshops brochure please contact us; 

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