Learn to Trade

Marketing Manager

We took on an intern because it can be valuable to have an outside perspective and a fresh pair of eyes on specific areas of the business. Also, welcoming students from a variety of backgrounds can bring diversity to the team. Many are very eager to learn and improve their skill set, and motivated to absorb as much as possible. The staff at Performance Careers are a great asset to Learn to Trade; they have been professional, approachable and always explained every step of the process clearly. They have been a pleasure to deal with and I most definitely recommend them.


Managing Director, Timepieces & Jewellery

A Work Integrated Learning placement is a great way for students to gain real experience. It was enjoyable seeing how much they got out of it and also gain employment following the placement. The Internship Program is well structured and Performance Careers is very professional and supportive of the company and intern. We’ve already recommended it to another company. Thanks for continuing to have Gucci as part of your program!

Konnecting Pty Ltd

Managing Director

In most cases, the intern comes in shy and fairly raw in accounting knowledge. However, seeing them grow and thrive is extremely satisfying for us as the host. At the end of the placement there is a marked improvement in confidence, communication skills, Australian culture integration and of course overall accounting knowledge. To date, we’ve had 3 students and we’ve found their quality very high. From the beginning of the process, Performance Careers have been extremely professional, responsive, timely and attentive to our needs and that of the intern.

Aussie IT Group


I had the pleasure of partnering with interns of Performance Careers on a variety of IT initiatives. The students brought new perspective and we enjoyed providing professional knowledge, developing their skills and confidence, and motivating them. The students also brought diversity to our office – we believe diversity leads to increased creativity and therefore improved performance. Performance Careers was extremely professional in preparing candidates. They match the best candidate for the internship suitable within our organisation, provide responsive service and follow up, and have quality interns who know their career goals. I will definitely recommend the Internship Program to other organisations!


HR Manager

It has been a pleasure to provide local experience to interns as part of their program, helping them to bring to life the skills they have learnt through their studies. Some of the interns have had no previous local experience and they have welcomed the opportunity to learn about working in Australia. As an organisation with a long history serving Australia, Westfield has been happy to provide that opportunity.

Dara Switchboards

Sales Engineer/Internship Coordinator

One of our company’s goals is to help the younger generation – the internship program is part of that goal. The students we’ve hosted are very active, keen to learn and put in their best effort. We really enjoy the young energy they bring and getting to know how their generation thinks. Following their internship placement we’ve employed many for our special projects and permanent positions! Performance Careers, keep up the great service you do for society. You’re always reliable and efficient and we will always be here to support you.

Coca-Cola Amatil

Human Resources Consultant

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) an ASX Top30 company, prides itself on being a good corporate citizen and leads in fostering an environment of diversity and tolerance throughout the entire organisation. This, combined with the fact that our own staff come from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities, has been a crucial factor in the company’s decision to partner with Performance Education to kick-start the careers of Australian students from non-English speaking backgrounds. Through the Professional Year Program CCA has successfully hosted a number of interns for 12 week placements within the business over the past four years.

We find the interns bring with them their own unique experiences and cultures which helps us further understand and embrace diversity in our workforce and our communities. Through the 12 week internship program CCA staff have the opportunity to enhance their management skills, see work processes through fresh eyes and learn new techniques from the newly graduated interns. In return the interns gain valuable Australian business experience, improve their business acumen, learn the culture of the Australian workplace and enhance their English skills throughout the placement period. This is a great win-win program for any organisation wishing to make a difference in their community.

BNP Paribas

Human Resources Manager

The Performance Careers Internship Program is part of our overall graduate, internship, and cadetship offering which aligns to a global commitment from the Bank to invest in young talent. The intake of graduates and interns supplement the pipeline of talent within the organisation and assists us in branding ourselves as an attractive employer amongst students. It also allows us to source a diverse range of individuals and we believe diversity leads to increased creativity and therefore improved performance. The internship programme is one of the many elements we actively support in our diversity efforts. The program allows BNPP to attract and work with Interns with the latest studies and practices and assist them in gaining practical experience and training to assist their studies and future career path. The program is designed for interns to gain exposure to Banking and Finance and to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence. We find that interns have energy and enthusiasm coupled with a willingness to learn but also question the status quo.

Being able to be part of an intern’s development and for them to be able to gain experience is rewarding. The quality of internship consultants at Performance Careers, the responsive service and follow up has been excellent as has the quality of interns and alignment of interns experience, studies and career goals.

We have been able to offer several interns entry level roles within our operations teams. They have been able to assess if the work and culture is what they are looking for and we can assess their skills, behaviours and how they align to our values.

The service provided by Performance Careers has been exceptional they are very responsive and the approach to sourcing interns ensures the process is seamless.

MYOB Australia

Finance Project & Administration Specialist

Performance Education make it easy to host an intern in our business. They are extremely professional in regards to the preparation of their candidates for an internship and they always have a pool of candidates ready to interview. They stand out from other intern agencies as they focus on matching the most suitable candidates to the internship opportunities we make available. They also prepare their candidates with professional courses prior to their internship.

Interns bring in different insights and can challenge existing processes to improve them, it is really enjoyable to experience the energy the candidates bring to the workplace.

Baxter IP Finance


As our company has very strong philanthropic values, it is always a great satisfaction to see that our training provides interns with the confidence and the best in class skillset to acquire employment in Accounting. We noticed that some interns proved to be able to do more than fulfilling basic requirements and have provided them with training on more advanced tasks, so that now, on completion of their internship most of them are able to work autonomously in entry to mid-advanced accounting positions.

I would recommend Performance Careers interns to other organisations as I think they provide a very good training to the interns to fit quickly into the professional environment. They are a very reliable institution and so far, they have exceeded our expectations. I look forward to welcoming the next interns!

Endress + Hauser Australia Pty Limited


It is enjoyable to watch someone develop practical skills over the course of the internship. It is great to know you are helping someone develop and it is particularly rewarding when you hear that upon completion of the internship they have been successful in obtaining full time employment. Performance seem to have an endless pool of well trained and willing interns. They are professional to deal with and respond quickly to requests.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Training Manager

We have a commitment and responsibility to learning and development in order to develop talent for the successful future of our industry. As a host company we have the opportunity to positively influence an intern’s career. It is wonderful to see the level of enthusiasm the interns have when they spend 12 weeks with us and in the past we have been able to offer the right interns employment opportunities.


Service Desk Team Leader

We first came across Performance Education because one of our staff members was completing his Professional Year.  From this first introduction we engaged in a relationship with Performance Education - we have a large team and can provide multiple opportunities for interns. Offering placements to Interns has been very rewarding for us in a number of ways. It has created a large amount of goodwill for our company, and given us the opportunity to bring in a vast amount of new ideas and ways of thinking that we would not previously had access to.  On several occasions we have had the pleasure of being able to offer a job to our interns after their internship experience. The consultants that we liaise with at Performance Education have always been highly professional and friendly. We often recommend Performance Education to other companies - it's a fantastic way of being able to provide some aid to people looking to learn about the Australian workplace.


HR Business Partner

The main reason PGi decided to offer internship opportunities is we believe that PGi has a strong environment that provides students with the opportunity to gain real world educational experience in their chosen field of studies by learning from some of our best staff.

The minute they arrive, you can see the determination and eagerness for them to learn and engage with the activities set out for them.

Performance Education has constantly provided us with amazing, talented interns for each department. They are extremely fast at finding interns for the internships we make available to them and ensure getting the interns onboard with our organisation is a stress free process.

PGi has successfully offered a number of interns ongoing employment in many of our departments. This is due to their astonishing efforts and commitment in engaging in many activities and showing a vast amount of talent during their placement that we believe will contribute to our organisation’s success.

Performance Education has had a strong history and reputation for providing innovative, skilled, and motivated interns that provide a great amount of energy and focus.

Newell Australia Pty Ltd

Senior Accountant Team Leader

We have been dealing with Performance Education over a period of two years, mainly with Cristina. She is very prompt, responsive and identifies our needs as well as the interns. We wanted to provide an opportunity for interns to get exposure / experience in entry level positions in Finance for them to utilise in their career. We get much satisfaction in helping the young generation to step up in their career path.

Weybridge Consulting Pty Ltd


Interns provided by Performance have sometimes been better than ‘experienced’ candidates. We have found interns are generally enthusiastic & positive and willing to learn, it is very enjoyable watching them grow in their placement. The quality of the interns and promptness of the service have been the most enjoyable aspects of working with Performance. We have just offered a full time position to one of our interns.

JobReady Solutions

Operations Manager

It is very satisfying being able to provide interns with invaluable experience and we have been able to provide a number of interns with part-time and full-time employment after their internship - their reaction of surprise, excitement and opportunity is most enjoyable.

If you are looking for high quality interns and have a passion for assisting young professionals onto the employment ladder, I would encourage any organisation to get in contact with Performance.