I Only Want to Work for a Large Company

Large company

The desire to work for a large company is a aim commonly heard from recent graduates. Internship Manager Cristina Brigham discusses her own experiences of starting her career in a small company, the benefits and why you should keep an open mind about opportunities at small companies.

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Dress for Success

Dress for success

The first impression is the lasting impression! The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important of all - it sets the tone for all relationships to follow. Internship Consultant Jenna Ravattinen explores dress codes in the Australian business environment and why being appropriately dressed is essential to success.

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How to Prepare for Your Interview: Preparing Yourself

Interview preparation

Interviews, for many people, are a daunting experience but a little preparation goes a long way. Internship Consultant Sarah Kenny shares her experiences as a recruiter and discusses practical strategies which will help you prepare for your interview so you can feel more relaxed, create the right impression and maximise your opportunity for interview success.

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