Performance English Number 1 for Teaching Excellence


We are excited to announce that our Melbourne campus has been awarded first place for Teaching Excellence in the recently released Eurocentres Quality Report 2012.

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5 Key Lessons to Learn from 'The Internship' movie

The internship

This winter's comedy The Internship follows two older salesmen during a summer internship at Google. Whilst the film is easy watching and entertaining it also holds some important lessons for interns, regardless of age, looking to start an Internship. Internships and Training Manager Lauren Wallace looks at five top 'take outs' which can help YOU progress your career.

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5 Key Points to Plan Before Your Internship


There are a number of ways in which you can prepare before your internship which will help you to shape the right attitude and ensure that your internship is successful. Here we look at 5 key points to plan BEFORE your internship.

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Top Tips to Gain Great References from Your Internship

Reference check

An internship is an ideal opportunity to bridge your University qualifications with work integrated learning. But how can you best utilise this amazing experience to demonstrate your new found skills? Performance Education Internships & Training Manager Lauren Wallace offers these top tips to help you gain the best possible references from your internship.

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