10 Most Common Resume & Cover Letter Mistakes

Resume mistakes

Research has shown that recruiters spend an average of just 6 seconds reading a resume before deciding if it is heading towards the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ pile. In a competitive job market your resume and cover letter need to be perfect. Karolina Slaby, GM of Performance Careers, looks at the 10 most common resume and cover letter mistakes.

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Questions NOT to Ask at an Interview


Every job interview you go to, as the interview draws to conclusion, the interviewer will ask “Do you have any questions for me?” Never say NO! This is your opportunity to impress your potential new employer with thoughtful questions and to also ensure the role is the right one for you. Here we look at those questions you should NOT ask in an interview, and why.

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10 Things You Can do Today to Increase Your Job Seeking Success

10 things success

Whether you are a recent graduate embarking on the task of job hunting or a student looking for an internships opportunity Internships and Training Manager Lauren Wallace looks at 10 easy actions you can take TODAY to improve your chances of finding a role

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How Employable Are You?


Whether you are looking for a job, looking to climb the career ladder or just want to succeed in your current role - the question 'How Employable Am I?' is an important point of consideration for everyone. In this article we look at employability and what young professionals can do to increase their attractiveness to employers.

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