Best Questions to Ask at an Interview

Questions to ask

What happens when you get to that part of an interview, when the interviewer is starting to wrap things up, and they say “That’s all the questions we have to ask you. Do you have any questions for us?” Here’s my advice ---- Never say No!!! Performance Education Internships Consultant Alison McMillan looks at some great questions to ask a potential employer at the end of your interview.

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5 Tips for Graduate Developers

Graduate developer

Graduating from an IT degree/Masters is only the beginning. It is not your passport to a job. Performance Education Internships Consultant Sarah Kenny discusses 5 things you should be doing in order to make yourself more employable.

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Are You Liked At Work?


Sure your skills, results and competence are important but what are the other qualities possessed by people who get promotions and have long, successful careers? Well, a large part of your success within a company will depend on your likeability. Performance Education Internships Manager Cristina Brigham looks at 5 actions to consider to ensure you are likeable.

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