Top Tips for Video Interviews


Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular part of the interview process. There are many factors to consider before and during your video interview. Performance Education Internships Consultant Claire Betts talks from her personal experience and offers her top 5 tips to be Skype ready in no time!

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The Seven Key Attributes Successful Interns Share


Having worked with 2000 interns and over 850 host companies it is a great time to reflect on what attributes are shared amongst our most successful interns. These qualities and skills mark the difference between interns who excel at their internship and use it as a platform to drive the career forward and those that don't. Performance Education Internships & Training Manager Lauren Wallace looks at 7 key attributes to develop in your internship.

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Top 3 Job Seeking Techniques


Ask yourself the question, “How many jobs have I applied for though online job sites?” If it’s more than 20 and you haven’t been invited forward for an interview, you may want to consider alternative ways to look for jobs. Performance Education Internships Manager Cristina Brigham looks at 3 Top Job Searching Techniques.

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Accessing Interns - Why Top 100 Australian Companies and SMEs are Getting on Board


The concept of taking on interns is not new globally but it’s early days in the Australian market. Owen Firth, CEO of Performance Education looks at why some of Australia's largest companies are taking on interns.

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