What to Wear for Your Interview


You got the interview… now, what to wear? It's a question millions of people agonise over on some level while preparing for a job interview. Here we look at some guidelines for what is commonly accepted as appropriate interviewing attire.

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Transferable Skills - Why Your Job at McDonalds is Relevant to Your Chosen Career Path!


Transferable skills are skills that you have developed in one type of role but you are able to apply and utilise in a completely different role or industry. Internships Consultant Jenna Ravattinen looks at how transferable skills can help you stand out in the graduate market.

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How to Ensure Your Job Application is Not Overlooked


The Australian job market is very tough at the moment. It is time to ask yourself if are you doing everything you can to ensure your application gets considered. Performance Education Internships Consultant Fainaaz Ali looks at four extra steps that can help you make the most out of your application.

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Office Manners - Tips for Commencing in the Workforce


Etiquette, or good manners, is a crucial skill you need in today’s business world in order to succeed. It can be the determining factor in getting that dream job! Here we look at some top tips to ensure your office etiquette is top notch!

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