Top 5 Tips for Interview Nerves

Nervous business woman

Feeling nervous and anxious before your interview is very normal. At first you may be happy and thrilled that you have been shortlisted for interview, then slowly as it sinks in nerves start to appear. Internships Consultant Fainaaz Ali shares her top 5 tips to conquer interview nerves.

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5 Quick Ways to Take Your LinkedIn Use from Average to Excellent


One of our first recommendations to graduate job seekers is to make sure their LinkedIn profile is active, updated and professional. However this is only the first step. Internships & Training Manager Lauren Wallace looks at 5 quick ways to get ahead in your career by taking your LinkedIn usage from average to excellent.

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Graduate Resume Template

Graduate resume

The internet provides millions of examples of resume formats, every recruiter will have their own opinion, and it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Internships Consultant Claire Betts offers this example of how to format your graduate resume to create a professional impression and show off your capabilities

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Using Your Experiences to Get the Job!


A crucial part of your resume is your employment history. This section gives you an opportunity to showcase your transferable skills, demonstrate the types of tasks you have been involved in and what type of responsibilities you have had in the past. Internships Consultant Jenna Ravattinen looks at how to utilise your experiences to get the winning edge.

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Top 5 Must Have Skills for Recent Accounting Graduates

Accounting grad

As an accounting graduate are you doing everything you can to ensure you'll succeed in your chosen career path? Internships Training Manager Cristina Brigham looks at 5 must have skills for recent accounting graduates.

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