Six Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills Through an Internship

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Good communication skills, both spoken and written, are needed in every job and will help you get to the next level of your career. Internships and Training Manager, Lauren Wallace, shares how you can maximise an internship to intentionally develop those skills.

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The Top 10 Overused Words in Resumes

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Employers potentially sort through tens of resumes for a single job. Does your resume use the same words as everyone else’s? Internships Manager, Cristina Brigham, tells you how you can avoid that and offers words which you can use to stand out from other professionals.

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Extra-Curricular Activities – Why Are They Important on a Resume?


Beyond technical skills, employers look for soft skills to assess if a potential employee is ideal for the job. Internships Consultant, Kylie Agraval, shares how having extra-curricular activities on your resume demonstrates additional skills which will give your resume an extra edge and set you apart.

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Building Rapport in Interviews


The skill of being able to create rapport is never more important than in an interview. To have the ability to connect to your interviewer can have a huge impact on whether or not you are invited to become a part of their business. Internships Consultant, Amelia Walsh, provides these tips on how to build rapport in an interview.

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