What You Should Do Near the End of Your Internship

How to boost your linkedin profile

Your internship experience does not end on the last day of your internship - it extends beyond that through the relationships you have built. Hear top tips from Internships Consultant, Jenna Ravattinen, about how you can leverage the network from your internship opportunity to boost your career further.

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You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Interview first impression

Studies show that it takes only a quick 7 seconds to form a first impression. What does your interviewer think when he or she first sees you? Internships Consultant, Svet Subotic, offers six key ways to make a positive first impression that will set the best stage for your interview.

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How University CAN Prepare You for the Workplace

University preparation

Beyond a place to learn theoretical knowledge, you can use your time at University to prepare yourself for the workplace. Internships Consultant, Claire Betts, gives five tips on how you can do that so you will come out of University equipped with fundamental and relevant professional skills and habits that will enhance your career prospects.

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The Importance of Following Up After an Interview

Interview follow up

What should you do after an interview? Is a follow up really necessary? Internships Consultant, Cery Rogers, explains how doing so will give you a competitive edge and gives tips on how to write a professional thank you email.

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