Surviving a Personality Test

Job personality test

Do you like doing personality tests? Increasingly, more companies are using personality tests to determine if a job applicant will be a suitable hire for their company or not. Internships Consultant, Claire Betts, shares how personality tests can work in your favour and how you can do well in them

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How a Recruitment Consultant Can Help You Get a Job

Advice from a recruitment consultant

Many graduates hunt for jobs through online job boards. However, many also look for jobs through Recruitment Consultants who work closely with companies and have much industry expertise to offer job seekers. If you’re looking for a job or internship, Internships Consultant, Cery Rogers, shares 5 tips so you can work effectively with your Recruitment Consultant to get the best job for your career goals.

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Don’t Be a Boring Candidate

Interview tips

As one of many young graduates interviewing for a job in a competitive job market, you need to avoid being just one in the crowd. Sales Manager, Fainaaz Ali, shares how you can offer answers which ensure you stand out, impress at your interview, and get the job you want.

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5 Practical Skills Every Business Analyst Must Have

How to be a business analyst

If you have completed a Bachelor of Business Information, you may be considering a career as a Junior Business Analyst (BA). However there is not one clear direct pathway to get there. Internships Manager, Cristina Brigham, shares 5 practical skills you must build if you want to be a Business Analyst.

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How Failing Your Interview Could Be a Good Thing

Best interview tips

Failing an interview can be extremely upsetting, but it might not necessarily be a bad thing. Internships and Training Manager, Lauren Wallace, shares how you can use that experience to evaluate yourself, your aspirations and what employers want, and use that to develop a better outcome for your future career.

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