The Power of Positive Thought

Positive attitude

There are many factors that can contribute to the success of your internship. Most important though is your attitude towards the opportunity presented to you. Internships Consultant, Svet Subotic, shares these tips to become a positive thinker and more successful in everything you do.

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The Benefits of Joining Industry Associations

Industry associations

Considering joining a professional association for your industry? As a graduate you should ensure that you stay abreast of the latest news and any changes in your industry. Internships Consultant Domonique Delgado shares these great reasons to join an association which will benefit your career.

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Salary Negotiation – The Right Way!

Salary negotiations

Whether you are applying for your first paid position or are up for your annual review, negotiating your salary package can be a stressful time. Internships Consultant Cerys Rogers shares these six tips to help you negotiate your salary in a successful and professional manner.

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Preparing for the January Recruitment Rush

Large company

January is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year for recruiting. Make sure you’re ready to go for 2015 and standout from the competition by following these simple tips compiled by our Corporate Partnerships Manager Sarah Kenny.

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Internship Code of Conduct

Internship behaviour

How should you behave during an internship? While every company has varying cultures and expectations, there are certain workplace norms that apply across any organisation. Read on for tips from Internships Consultant, Suman Srivastava, on how you should conduct yourself in an internship.

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