How to Show These 5 Essential Strengths Through Your Resume

Resume strengths

Your resume is the first piece of “work” your potential employer will see. It is an important piece which reflects your strengths and work ethic. Here are ways you can craft your resume to display these 5 essential strengths that every employer is looking for.

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How to Make Career Fairs Work for You

Careers fair

Careers fairs are a fantastic opportunity for young graduates and professionals to interact with organisations they are interested in. Internships Consultant, Domonique Delgado, shares 5 top tips to make the most of careers fairs and stand out to potential employers.

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The Importance of Taking Notes

Take notes

When you are learning new things in a new environment, it can be difficult to remember everything. How can you capture all the necessary information in a new job or internship? Internships Consultant, Svet Subotic, shares how you can take notes effectively so you can work accurately and confidently.

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What Does Your Resume Format Say About You?

Resume format

While the content of your resume is vital for securing an interview, don’t underestimate the importance of your resume format. Internships Consultant, Stephanie Ellul, shares 3 things to consider so you can format your resume in a way that captures attention.

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