Position Yourself for the Job with Smiles

Interview smile

Interviews can sometimes make people feel so nervous that they forget one important thing – to smile! Internships Administrator, Ira Peltier, shares how you can use this simple yet powerful tool to position yourself for the job.

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Position Yourself for the Job with Posture

Interview posture

Communication through body language conveys an incredibly powerful message and can make or break your interview. Placements Team Leader, Amelia Walsh, shares how you can position yourself for the job through posture to show you are prepared, professional, confident and right for the role.

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Achieve Interview Success with the STAR Technique

Interview technique

Interviews are your opportunity to sell your experience and prove that you are the best fit for the position. Internships Consultant, Kylie Agraval, shares how you can use the STAR technique to demonstrate your past and future capabilities.

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4 Ways to Ace Technical Questions in an Interview

Interview preparation

Many employers seek to hire graduates with developed soft skills. However the importance of soft skills does not diminish the necessity of technical skills. Senior Internships Consultant, Jenna Ravattinen, shares 4 things you should do to prepare for technical questions in an interview.

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How to Succeed in a Video Interview

Video interviews

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular and is especially beneficial for job applicants who are excellent in person but might not shine on paper. Corporate Partnerships Manager, Sarah Kenny, shares 12 top tips to ensure you have a successful video interview.

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