How to Write the Perfect LinkedIn Invitation

Linkedin invitation

LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool for professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects. Internships Consultant, Domonique Delgado, shares how you can write simple yet effective LinkedIn invitations to build your network.

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Elevator Pitch: How to Network in 30 Seconds

Elevator pitch

To build your career it is important to build your network through networking events, careers fairs and more. Internships Consultant, Victoria Congalton, shares how you can start conversations at such events and make a lasting impression with a 30 second elevator pitch.

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Advice for Networking Graduates: Common Positions, Responsibilities and Tips

Networking graduate

Are you an IT graduate looking to start your career in the field of Networking? National Placements Manager, Cristina Brigham, interviewed Sluv Yerusalimsky, Director/Co-Founder at Ace InfoTech, about common positions and tips to help you kick start your career in that area.

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How to Handle Job Rejection

Handle rejection

Have you experienced job rejection? Securing a suitable job can be a difficult process - but something common to many. Internships Consultant, Cerys Rogers, shares 4 tips for handling rejection so you show professionalism and learn from it.

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