How to Gain Valuable Feedback for Your Career

Get career feedback

One of the fastest ways to improve is through feedback from others. This is especially valuable during an internship when you have many senior team members to learn from. Placements Team Leader, Amelia Walsh, shares how you can initiate getting valuable feedback for your career.

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Ways to Describe Your Strengths Creatively in an Interview

Interview skills

Will your resume have what many others have - “pays attention to detail, is organised and is hardworking” ? Internships Consultant, Kylie Azmoodeh, shares how you can express your competence in these skills creatively so you stand out from the crowd.

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6 Email Etiquette Tips for Professionals

Professional email etiquette

Good communication is essential for success in the professional workplace; this includes effective communication through emails. Corporate Partnerships Executive, Svet Subotic, shares 6 ways you can ensure professionalism and maintain credibility through appropriate email etiquette.

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5 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

Interview advice

An interview is a great opportunity to highlight your experience and get to know your potential employer. During this time it is essential to form a good impression with what you say and what you don't say. Internships Consultant, Elena Pascoe, advises on 5 things you should avoid saying in an interview.

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Increase Your Employability Through Volunteering

Build resume volunteer

Want to develop your skills, build your professional network, get involved with your community and enhance your resume? You can do so through volunteering. Senior Internships Consultant, Jenna Ravattinen, shares some ways you can get started on this meaningful way of boosting your employability.

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