Top Apps to Download While Job Seeking

Apps for job seeking

Looking for a job requires much organisation and preparation. National Corporate Partnerships Manager, Sarah Kenny, shares 8 useful apps you can download to get yourself ready for interviews.

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Developing Your Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness

It’s natural to lean towards people of a similar background to you, but to succeed in a professional workplace it is essential to go beyond your comfort zone and understand the local culture. Sales Manager – Internships, Fainaaz Ali, shares how you can develop cultural awareness.

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Jargon in the Australian Workplace

Australian slang

When English is not your native language it can be hard to keep up with jargon people use. Placement Consultant, Elena Pascoe, shares 10 commonly used phrases and their meanings - these will prepare you to understand and navigate the Australian workplace.

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How to Stand Out in Interviews with Your Enthusiasm

Interview enthusiasm

Most employers want to meet in person before hiring as they are not only hiring for your technical abilities, but also your personality. Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, shares why enthusiasm is so important and how you can use it for interview success.

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