5 Ways to Manage Stress Effectively

Manage stress

Everyone has felt stress at some point in their life - and it's important to learn how to manage stressful moments in a healthy way. Placement Consultant, Aoife O'Donovan, shares five practical steps you can take to manage and relieve stress so you feel and perform better.

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How to Prepare Your Intern for the Real World

Prepare intern for workplace

Anyone starting out in a new company needs tools to help them do well - what more a fresh graduate who has never experienced the business environment? From her own experience, National Corporate Partnerships Manager, Sarah Kenny, shares essential things host companies can do to prepare interns for the workplace, and make it enjoyable for both them and their intern.

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Top 10 Tips for Effective Time Management

Time management tips

Whether you are completing an assignment, doing your internship placement or working full-time, how you manage your time determines how much you accomplish each day. Placement Consultant, Dominic Soh, shares 10 tips on how you can make the most of each work day.

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Elevator Etiquette and Why It Matters

Elevator etiquette

Have you ever been annoyed by people's manners in the elevator? When considering behaviour in the workplace, not many people think of elevator etiquette. Placement Consultant, Elena Pascoe, shares what elevator pet peeves annoy people so you can avoid them and present yourself well.

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What Employers Look for When Hiring Business Analysts

Business analyst skills

Are you an aspiring Business Analyst? Do you know what traits you need to succeed? Placement Consultant, Prajyana Kumar, tells you vital characteristics employers look for when hiring BAs, as shared by Head of Business Analysis from DX Solutions, Siva Thaivarayan.

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