How to Give Positive And Developmental Feedback

Give feedback

One of the best ways to grow both professionally and personally is through constructive feedback. Placement Consultant, Carol Lee, shares the difference between positive and developmental feedback, and how you can give and receive both for career and life success.

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Why Hosting an Intern Helps You and South Australia Grow

Help adelaide grow

When talking about cities and hubs in Australia, most people think of Sydney and Melbourne. What about Adelaide? Corporate Partnerships Executive, Martin Kloeckner, shares how the government is investing in SA and how you and your company can contribute to that growth.

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The Benefits of Being a Mentor

Career mentor benefits

You've probably heard of the benefits of having someone to guide you in our career. However, have you considered providing guidance to others? Corporate Partnerships Executive, Svet Subotic, shares how becoming a mentor is a rewarding experience and can enhance your professional career.

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Do You Really Really Want the Role? Then Show It!

Top interview tips

Is there a placement or job that you really want? Many graduates are excited to kick-start their careers, but unfortunately do not present this enthusiasm during interviews. Corporate Partnerships Manager, Lauren Wallace, shares the top 5 things you can do to show interviewers you truly want the role.

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How You Can Retain Important Information For an Interview

Interview information

Preparing for an interview but feeling like there's too much to remember? Placement Consultant, Zoey Ka, shares how you can transfer information from short term to long term memory storage so you can remember essential information better and be confident for your interview.

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