Planning a Work Placement Program? Follow These 5 Tips

Work integrated learning mentor

Considering hosting an intern but not sure what your company can offer or how it works? Corporate Partnerships Executive, Alice Curnow, makes it easy - here are 5 things that will help you create a structured learning program and mentor them well.

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One Easy Way to Update your Knowledge and Technical Skills

Update career skills

Things are constantly changing and if you want to be on the forefront of what's happening you need to intentionally take time to refresh and update your skills. National Placements Manager, Cristina Brigham, shares one easy way you can do so to stay relevant and ahead in your career journey.

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How to Acquire a New Skill in 20 Hours

Learn new skills

To stay relevant in your career you need to constantly update your skills or learn new ones. However many people see it as too time consuming and difficult. Senior Placement Consultant, Jenna Ravattinen, shares 4 tips for learning a new skill in just 20 hours; it will give your career and personal development a boost!

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Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Job seeking mistakes

Looking for a new job or placement can be a stressful and complicated process, and there are a few common mistakes many job seekers make. Placement Consultant, Stephanie Ellul, shares what these are so you can avoid them and be well on your way to interview success.

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Turning Your Weakness into a Strength in Interviews

Interview weakness strength

One of the most dreaded interview questions is "What is your weakness?" Placement Consultant, Alexandra Ewens, shares how to address it effectively; learn how to choose a relevant trait which you can turn into a plus point - and showcase your strengths instead.

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