5 Common Characteristics of Successful People

Characterics of successful professionals

Any successful person will tell you that success is a planned outcome, it doesn’t happen by accident. Placement Consultant, Aoife O'Donovan, shares five characteristics that successful people share - so you can learn and create your own success too.

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The Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace

Teamwork for career

"Can you share an example where you worked as a team?" Placement Consultant, Rachel Coleman, addresses this common interview question. She shares the value of effective teamwork so you can understand its importance and how to highlight your teamwork skills in an interview.

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What to Expect From Your Work Integrated Learning Placement

Work integrated learning placement internship

Are you taking up a Work Integrated Learning placement (internship) soon? Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugara, answers some commonly asked questions so you know what to expect and can set yourself up to do well.

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How an Internship Placement Shaped Me

Internship placement story

Is a Work Integrated Learning placement (internship) really worth taking up? National Marketing Assistant, Faith J Luo, shares about her own internship placement experience and how it became a surprisingly important step in her career journey.

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What You Can Learn from NOT Getting the Role After an Interview

Interview fail learnings

Went for an interview and didn't get the internship placement or job? It can be disappointing but here, Placement Consultant Domonique Delgado shares four lessons you can learn from the experience so you have future interview success.

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