5 Things You Can Learn From My First Networking Event

Professional business networking

The idea of being in a room full of strangers and networking can be intimidating for many. But it doesn't have to be! National Marketing Assistant, Faith J Luo, shares 5 things she learnt from her first networking event that will help you enjoy and perhaps even look forward to your next event.

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Check Your Pulse - Performance Education's Student Services

Healthy work life

When we get busy it can be easy to fall sick and forget about our own well being. Student Experience Coordinator, Lydia Costa, reminds us of areas to look out for to avoid 'crashing' and how we can help you at Performance Education.

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5 Things to Do While Waiting for Your WIL Placement (Internship)

Waiting for wil placement

In between jobs or waiting for your internship placement to start? Placement Consultant, Dominic Soh, shares how you can be proactive in your own personal and professional growth to make the most of this time.

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How to Use LinkedIn For Your Job Search

Linkedin job search

Are you looking for a job or internship placement opportunity? LinkedIn is a very popular tool for recruiters, job seekers and companies alike. Placement Consultant, Zoey Ka, shares what you need to do to get noticed and get offered the role.

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How Saying 'Yes' Can Improve Your Life

Professional networking socialising

Ever been in a new situation where you don't know anyone at all? Student Experience Coordinator, Lydia Costa, shares how you can ease in with a bit of socialising and networking - and how that will make your experience better and more beneficial.

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