4 Intern Traits You Should Never Give Up On (No Matter How High Up You Get)

Timeless traits of professionals

Remember when you were just starting out in your industry? While there are some things you might not miss doing, there are other things that you might have been too quick to let go of. Corporate Partnerships Executive, Dapo Olayemi, shares 4 timeless traits to foster whether you're a fresh graduate or seasoned professional.

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What Is Your Phone Etiquette Saying to Recruiters?

Phone interview etiquette

As a job seeker it's important to have good phone etiquette as that could be a hiring manager or recruiter's first impression of you. Placement Consultant, Prajyana Kumar, shares how you can impress through the phone, whether you're speaking to someone or leaving a voicemail.

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Maximise Your Placement By Doing These 8 Things

Internship placement tips

About to embark on an internship placement? Well done - you are on the right track to kick starting your career. Now to ensure you make the most out of this experience, follow these 8 tips from Placements Administrator, Yvonne Nitsios.

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5 Things an Intern Wants

What an intern wants

What does it take to create a positive internship experience for a student? Corporate Partnerships Executive, Svet Subotic, shares 5 things any company can do to facilitate a valuable work integrated learning experience - and it's not as hard as you might think!

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