How to Deal with Job Application Rejection

Job application rejection

You put your best foot forward for your interview, walked up in your sharpest attire and gave them the best impression. And then you were not chosen for the job/placement. Placement Consultant, Dominic Soh, gives 3 tips on how to manage rejection and use it to catapult yourself for future success.

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Balancing Work-Life in the Festive Season

Work life balance

While many look forward to the festive end of year season, for others it can be a stressful time. Placement Consultant, Stephanie Ellul, shares 4 ways you can achieve work life balance to do what matters to you while achieving your goals as well.

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For a Successful Career Build Effective Professional Relationships With These People

Build professional relationships

To build a successful career in Australia it is essential that you invest time in establishing and maintaining effective professional relationships. Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugara, shares who you need to invest in and why.

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