Here's How You Can Discover Your Personal Brand

Personal brand career

How will knowing your personal brand help increase your job prospects? Corporate Partnerships Executive, Michele Ricketts, shares ways you can discover your personal brand and use it to boost your career.

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Make a Big Deal Out of Your Placement

Work integrated learning placement

Think of your work integrated learning placement (internship) as a teaser to future permanent employment. Placement Consultant, Dominic Soh, talks about the importance of taking your work placement seriously so that you can position yourself for career success down the road.

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Overseas Placement Programs for Higher Education

Overseas placement new colombo plan funding

The latest funding round of the New Colombo Plan is now open for educational institutions. Find out about the overseas placement programs offered by Performance Careers and Next Step Connections which will provide your students with quality experiences and a competitive advantage, while also meeting the funding criteria.

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