How to Answer the World’s Most Common Interview Question

Interview question

First impressions count and in the professional world and an interview is exactly that. Avoid being stumped on the most common interview question by following these tips from Placement Consultant, Murray Dixon.

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Taming Those Nerves in a Job Interview! (5 Tips to Success)

Taming interview nerves

Interview coming up? Feeling nervous? Not to worry. This is natural and we are here to help! Corporate Partnerships Executive, Anthony Loughhead, provides 5 simple tips to calm your nerves and prepare for your interview.

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What are Managers Really Looking for in Accounting Candidates?

What managers look for in accounting candidates

When applying for accounting positions, you will compete against hundreds of other candidates. Technical skills are what you all have in common. Hear from the Financial Controller of Country Road to learn what managers really look for in accounting candidates so you know how to stand out from the crowd.

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Team Culture in the Workplace


To create a successful workplace, we can apply the same practices and values of successful sporting teams. Just like on a football field, everyone in the workplace is working towards a common goal. Placement Consultant, Stephen Flack, provides comparisons between the workplace and the highly successful rugby team, the All Blacks.

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