Mentor Me This

Mentor me this

Being mentored or providing mentorship is a great way to develop professionally. If you are looking to mentor someone, read up on these characteristics of a mentor by Corporate Partnerships Executive, Sinead Ferguson.

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Thinking of Hosting an Intern? Here are the Answers to Your Questions

Host an intern

When we meet companies considering hosting an intern, there are often a few common questions they ask. Corporate Partnerships Executive, Sinead Fergurson, answers these questions and helps you get a better understanding of hosting an intern with Performance Careers.

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3 Reasons Not to Host an Intern

Why you should host an intern

Hosting an intern means taking on a raw junior who has no industry experience. Is there really any benefit for your company to do that? Corporate Partnerships Executive, Sinead Fergurson, shares 3 things to set you thinking about what hosting an intern could really mean.

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