The 5 Top Qualities Employers Look For When Selecting Interns

5 top qualities of hiring an intern

When applying for an internship, remember you are competing against a pool of other graduates who share the same technical skills. To help you stand out, Placement Consultant, Dinisha Tellirajah, interviewed an IT Manager from one of our host companies to discover the 5 top qualities employers look for when selecting interns.

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5 Mistakes Fresh Graduates Make When Seeking For Jobs

Mistakes graduates make

The job market is highly competitive and every step you take counts, especially when you are a fresh graduate with limited experience. Placement Consultant, Dinisha Tellirajah, shares 5 mistakes fresh graduates commonly - ensure you avoid them and set yourself up for career success.

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When & How to Follow Up After an Interview

Interview follow up

Sending a follow up email after an interview can influence a hiring manager's decision to hire you. Placement Consultant, Dinisha Tellirajah, shares how to write a follow up note to express your enthusiasm and show you are the ideal candidate for the placement or job.

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