Find a Job You Hate!

Job you hate

You may have a few ideas in mind of where you would like to see yourself in five years. What you know now is that you want to be doing something you are passionate about. In pursuit of your dream job, Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, says you may have to do a job that you hate!

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Finding a Job Abroad

Finding a job abroad

Working and living overseas can be a challenging, but rewarding and life-changing experience. Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, originates from France and has a history of working and living in various countries including the USA, Australia, Germany and Spain. Here she shares her tips for finding a job abroad.

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How Does Your Consultant Find You a Placement?

Work integrated learning placement process

At Performance Education Group we are committed to placing our students in the right work integrated learning placement based on their individual training needs and career goals. This is best practice and beneficial for both the intern and company hosting them. Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, shares with you how we make this work.

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How to Find a Job in Australia

Job success for professional year

Looking for a job? Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, shares 3 necessary steps you need to find success. These tips are especially for Professional Year students and graduates but can also be applied to anyone looking for a job in Australia.

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Job Interview Tip: How to Communicate Fluidly & Confidently in a Foreign Language

Interview language

The prospective of a job or placement interview in English or any language might be intimidating if it is not your native language. Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, shares how you can overcome the language barrier and confidently succeed in your interview.

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