How to Answer the World’s Most Common Interview Question

Interview question

First impressions count and in the professional world and an interview is exactly that. Avoid being stumped on the most common interview question by following these tips from Placement Consultant, Murray Dixon.

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Taming Those Nerves in a Job Interview! (5 Tips to Success)

Taming interview nerves

Interview coming up? Feeling nervous? Not to worry. This is natural and we are here to help! Corporate Partnerships Executive, Anthony Loughhead, provides 5 simple tips to calm your nerves and prepare for your interview.

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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Never fully dressed without a smile

During professional interactions, you dress yourself in a professional way that is workplace appropriate and comfortable. However, your outfit is nowhere near complete without a smile and appropriate body language. Placement Consultant, Jade Murphy, illustrates the importance of non-verbal communication in the workplace.

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Five Easy Ways to be the Best Mentor for Your Intern

Five easy ways to be the best mentor for your intern

One of the mutual responsibilities we have with our 3,500 host companies is to maximise the learning experience of our interns. We are often asked by host companies on how they can contribute to the intern’s learning and development. Corporate Partnerships Lead – Projects, Lauren Wallace, shares tips for how to be the best possible mentor to your intern.

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5 Tips for Successful Negotiation

Negotiation skills

‘Ask and you shall receive’, right? This is not always the case. Negotiations can be difficult, confronting and require careful consideration prior, during and after the interaction. Whether in a personal or workplace context negotiation skills are required. Before laying out your terms and conditions to the other party, consider these dos and don’ts of negotiation by Placement Consultant, Cynthia Petrossian.

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