The 5 Top Qualities Employers Look For When Selecting Interns

5 top qualities of hiring an intern

When applying for an internship, remember you are competing against a pool of other graduates who share the same technical skills. To help you stand out, Placement Consultant, Dinisha Tellirajah, interviewed an IT Manager from one of our host companies to discover the 5 top qualities employers look for when selecting interns.

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Find a Job You Hate!

Job you hate

You may have a few ideas in mind of where you would like to see yourself in five years. What you know now is that you want to be doing something you are passionate about. In pursuit of your dream job, Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, says you may have to do a job that you hate!

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What are Managers Really Looking for in Accounting Candidates?

What managers look for in accounting candidates

When applying for accounting positions, you will compete against hundreds of other candidates. Technical skills are what you all have in common. Hear from the Financial Controller of Country Road to learn what managers really look for in accounting candidates so you know how to stand out from the crowd.

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Resume Writing for IT Jobs: Where and How to List Your Technical Skills

Resume writing for it jobs

Your technical skills qualify you for jobs and are typically the first things employers look for. To stand out among stacks of resumes you need to be strategic in listing your technical skills. Placement Team Leader, Rachel Coleman, shares where and how to list your technical skills, specific to IT job applications.

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Finding a Job Abroad

Finding a job abroad

Working and living overseas can be a challenging, but rewarding and life-changing experience. Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, originates from France and has a history of working and living in various countries including the USA, Australia, Germany and Spain. Here she shares her tips for finding a job abroad.

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