The 5 Top Qualities Employers Look For When Selecting Interns

5 top qualities of hiring an intern

When applying for an internship, remember you are competing against a pool of other graduates who share the same technical skills. To help you stand out, Placement Consultant, Dinisha Tellirajah, interviewed an IT Manager from one of our host companies to discover the 5 top qualities employers look for when selecting interns.

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Make a Big Deal Out of Your Placement

Work integrated learning placement

Think of your work integrated learning placement (internship) as a teaser to future permanent employment. Placement Consultant, Dominic Soh, talks about the importance of taking your work placement seriously so that you can position yourself for career success down the road.

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A Placement Consultant's Internship Experience

Internship placement experience

The benefits from taking part in a work based learning placement are endless, but only if you grab each opportunity with both hands. Placement Consultant, Joanne Mitchell, shares about her personal internship placement experience and how this has impacted the way she now works with interns to achieve the best outcomes for them.

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How to Get Experience in Australia Which Will Kick-Start Your Career

Work integrated learning experience

You need work experience to get a job. But as a student or recent graduate, how do you gain that practical experience? This is Shiqi's story of how she secured a work integrated learning experience as part of the Professional WIL Placement (Internship) Program - and achieved fantastic outcomes.

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How Does Your Consultant Find You a Placement?

Work integrated learning placement process

At Performance Education Group we are committed to placing our students in the right work integrated learning placement based on their individual training needs and career goals. This is best practice and beneficial for both the intern and company hosting them. Placement Consultant, Marie Robert, shares with you how we make this work.

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