Mentor Me This

Mentor me this

Being mentored or providing mentorship is a great way to develop professionally. If you are looking to mentor someone, read up on these characteristics of a mentor by Corporate Partnerships Executive, Sinead Ferguson.

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Five Easy Ways to be the Best Mentor for Your Intern

Five easy ways to be the best mentor for your intern

One of the mutual responsibilities we have with our 3,500 host companies is to maximise the learning experience of our interns. We are often asked by host companies on how they can contribute to the intern’s learning and development. Corporate Partnerships Lead – Projects, Lauren Wallace, shares tips for how to be the best possible mentor to your intern.

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Thinking of Hosting an Intern? Here are the Answers to Your Questions

Host an intern

When we meet companies considering hosting an intern, there are often a few common questions they ask. Corporate Partnerships Executive, Sinead Fergurson, answers these questions and helps you get a better understanding of hosting an intern with Performance Careers.

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Ten 2017 Workplace Trends Employers Can't Afford to Ignore

2017 workplace trends

The way we work is changing, and the Australian workplace is changing with it. Corporate Partnerships Executive, Dapo Olayemi, shares trends experts have predicted will emerge or continue throughout 2017.

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What Your Millennial Intern is Really Thinking

How to help your intern

After working for several years it can be easy to forget what it was like to first enter the professional workplace. When you're hosting an intern, remember they're a newbie who's a millennial with certain hopes and doubts. National Corporate Partnerships Manager, Sarah Kenny, shares 9 things your intern would be thinking, and how you can help to make their Work Integrated Learning experience a win-win.

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