What are Managers Really Looking for in Accounting Candidates?

What managers look for in accounting candidates

When applying for accounting positions, you will compete against hundreds of other candidates. Technical skills are what you all have in common. Hear from the Financial Controller of Country Road to learn what managers really look for in accounting candidates so you know how to stand out from the crowd.

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Team Culture in the Workplace


To create a successful workplace, we can apply the same practices and values of successful sporting teams. Just like on a football field, everyone in the workplace is working towards a common goal. Placement Consultant, Stephen Flack, provides comparisons between the workplace and the highly successful rugby team, the All Blacks.

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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Never fully dressed without a smile

During professional interactions, you dress yourself in a professional way that is workplace appropriate and comfortable. However, your outfit is nowhere near complete without a smile and appropriate body language. Placement Consultant, Jade Murphy, illustrates the importance of non-verbal communication in the workplace.

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Managers Vs Peers – Is One Relationship More Important than the Other?

Manager vs peers

In the Australian workplace, it is desired that employees find a balance in their professional relationships. There can be confusion on whether some relationships should be managed or fostered above others, especially across diverse workplaces. Placement Consultant, Michelle Nugara, provides scenario-based advice on managing your professional relationships.

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Five Easy Ways to be the Best Mentor for Your Intern

Five easy ways to be the best mentor for your intern

One of the mutual responsibilities we have with our 3,500 host companies is to maximise the learning experience of our interns. We are often asked by host companies on how they can contribute to the intern’s learning and development. Corporate Partnerships Lead – Projects, Lauren Wallace, shares tips for how to be the best possible mentor to your intern.

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