Are You Struggling to Get That IT Job? These Tips Will Help

It job tips

Landing a job in the IT industry can be challenging, but it is far from impossible. From her experience meeting IT graduates and employers, Placement Consultant, Jessica Saunders, shares pointers on what candidates can do to prepare for the job and to increase their chances of getting hired.

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5 Mistakes Fresh Graduates Make When Seeking For Jobs

Mistakes graduates make

The job market is highly competitive and every step you take counts, especially when you are a fresh graduate with limited experience. Placement Consultant, Dinisha Tellirajah, shares 5 mistakes fresh graduates commonly - ensure you avoid them and set yourself up for career success.

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Professional Year Story: How Arko Got a Job

Arko professional year graduate

We were inspired when talking to Arko Talukder, a student at Performance Education. Find out about his Accounting Professional Year experience and what he did to get offered a job with his internship placement host company.

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Bouncing Back from Unsuccessful Interviews

Interview rejection

Preparing and attending an interview takes effort. And so does dealing with it if the interview didn’t go well. Placement Consultant, Lisa Gaffney, gives advice on how to pick yourself up from an unsuccessful interview and let it propel you to future success.

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Here's How You Can Discover Your Personal Brand

Personal brand career

How will knowing your personal brand help increase your job prospects? Corporate Partnerships Executive, Michele Ricketts, shares ways you can discover your personal brand and use it to boost your career.

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