Project Based Programs

Project Based Programs are collaborative programs for students, businesses and institutions. They are designed to help students apply their technical skills and practical knowledge outside the University environment by working on an industry project. The program also provides students with the opportunity to build their corporate networks in preparation to launch their global graduate careers.

In this program, host companies submit a short project based on their company’s corporate value proposition (strategic focus, problem resolutions etc.) which students work on for a set time period and then present the results back to the host company.

Program Learning Opportunities and Benefits

  • Enable students to develop leadership, communication, presentation and problem solving skills
  • Enable students to apply synthesised knowledge to an authentic business problem
  • Enhance students’ career preparation by creating a real opportunity to showcase talents while creating meaningful connections with global companies and executives
  • Enable stakeholder (businesses, students, institutions) collaboration through industry sector research, development and exchange, and be used as a case study for integrated classroom learning
  • Meet students’ transitional needs and expectations from university to the workplace
  • Enable students to consolidate learning and gain explicit evidence on their current learning progress through constructive feedback from business executives
  • Provide an opportunity for faculty evaluation through authentic case study


Performance Careers offers Project Based and Capstone programs within our network of over 3,500 industry partners.  Contact us today for more information, our University & Higher Education brochure, or to discuss your requirements:

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