We Change Lives!

As The Graduate Employability Experts, Performance Education Group changes lives by helping people achieve career success through learning and access to Australia’s best employment connections. Through that we help people to achieve an employability edge and achieve their career dreams.

Our mission is important because

  • it reminds us of the responsibility we have to take great care and deliver our best
  • it provides extra motivation and energy to take on challenges and chase opportunities
  • it makes us feel proud that we make a difference
  • it gives meaning to our work


Performance Edge - Our Values

Our values are the cornerstone of the Performance Education Group way of doing things and were developed by the team. They describe the ‘how’ and ‘what’ we do and is therefore a building block to our culture and how we make it real. 

Fresh Eyes, Open Minds, New Directions

We take an innovative, open and adaptable approach to every situation, meeting challenges head on with a spirit of adventure, not fear. This includes being flexible and adaptable; being brave to ask questions and not accept the status quo; pursuing continuous improvements; and building relationships and seeking opportunities to collaborate across the company.

Genuinely Care

We are aware of and exhibit authentic behaviours of genuine care – this is at the core of all interactions with customers, team members and the community. Genuinely caring means showing concern, encouragement and thoughtfulness; being present in interactions and taking time to make personal connections; believing the best in people and clarifying intentions; and demonstrating care for the company through mindful incorporation of our values in language and actions.

We Will Succeed

We relentlessly pursue excellence in all areas relating to company, team and individual goals. This involves having a clear understanding of what success means; considering the total organisation when making decisions; being persistent in overcoming obstacles; and being committed to individual, team and organisational goals.

Embracing Teamwork, Community & Fun

We create and encourage a welcoming, collaborative, engaging and fun environment through a community approach to actions. We make this happen by sharing accountability for team results, success and challenges; learning from feedback; working collaboratively; taking the opportunity to have fun; and supporting social responsibility initiatives.

Respecting and Celebrating Our Differences

We promote inclusion and understanding, and celebrate and leverage people’s differences for collective benefit. To do this we put intentional effort in understanding the perspectives of others without judgement; demonstrating mutual respect, fairness and inclusiveness; managing differences in ways that maintain positive relations; and being considerate of others.

Committed & Proud

We demonstrate commitment and dedication to tasks and activities with pride. This means giving 100%, doing what we say we’ll do; seeing projects through to completion; consistently producing high quality work; being brand ambassadors and providing excellent customer service; and displaying good work ethic.